Certified Teachers

Adaptability is a must for teachers. One of the most important steps to becoming a teacher in India is to obtain a recognised degree

Special Education

refers to children with learning problems or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children the same age.

Book & Library

Reading books enhances your vocabulary, allowing you to travel through words, and many times motivates you to stand and start again through various motivational literatures.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance involves the systematic review of educational provision to maintain and improve its quality, equity and efficiency.

What We Offer

The Harvard International School builds the foundations for well being and equips learners with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and strategies to understand and manage themselves and their relationships.

Safety First

Our School staff are trained for proper care and handling of children especially in pre-school.

Regular Classes

Despite the situation of law and order, Our classes wont missed, We conduct online classes.

Certified Teachers

We have quality teachers to promote knowledge to the next generation

Sufficient Classrooms

Enough so students take part in discussions, experiments that broaden their knowledge and skills

Creative Lessons

Range from simple team-building exercises to complex, creative lessons assit you to solve tasks.

Sports Facilities

Most primary and secondary school fields and other open areas offer outdoor facilities for PE and sports.

ASL ( Activity Search Learning ) :

Activity Search learning is the process of learning by performing tasks or activities. It motivates students to participate in their own learning experience via practical activities such as independent investigation and problem-solving

The Harvard International School is ASL (ACTIVITY SEARCH LEARNING ) SCHOOL.


Certified Teachers
Awards Won

Board Of Directors

Our faculty members are our strength and Assets.We take great pride in the fact that community service is a critical element of our programme, where our students are encouraged to share their skills and learn from the courage and resilience of those less fortunate than themselves.

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Muhammad Atif Atozai

Project director

Muhammad Mudassir

Finance Director

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